What Makes Us Ethical?

When we started Ethically our goal was and still is to create fresh clothes with an ethical, predominately vegan message. But, unlike some other brands out there, we recognised that we need to be ethical from start to finish with our actions in creating our clothing, no just with the final message.

So, apart of our mission is to minimise our impact on the environment and ensure great working conditions for everyone along the chain of production. How do we do this?

We only work with ethical suppliers who meet the same standards we’d expect of ourselves. This means that all of their staff are provided good working conditions, fair pay, and equal opportunities for all sexes and creeds.

We use vegan eco water-based inks. We’ll be the first to admit that manufacturing clothing isn’t the most environmentally friendly activity out there, but one of the best options we have to reduce our footprint are our water-based inks.

We use natural fibers where possible such as in our 100% ring-spun cotton tees. Synthetic clothing usually creates more toxic waste.

We print to order with DTG technology so that we don’t print too many of one particular design and end up creating throw-away items. Our DTG are also very precise and create extremely little waste, particularly for short runs, as compared to other methods such as screen printing.

We love to collaborate with ethical designers, artists, and activists.

We give back to the community who support us. We put 50% of our profits towards activism and raising awareness of ethical causes.

We’re out there with you on the streets. We are just as passionate as any of you, and we’re out there standing alongside you at all types of demonstrations.

Do you know a way we could be more ethical? We do our best, but if you have any suggestions or advice then please send us a message!!!

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