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This will be a short and bitter-sweet post. While Ethically cares for all types of ethical causes we are open about the fact that we believe animal rights to be the single biggest cause of our generation. Here at Ethically, we believe that once humans start to treat animals as they deserve then racism, sexism, and all types of discrimination will fall in their place as a result. If we can treat those who are the most vulnerable and the most different from us with compassion, respect, and empathy then

Is Christianity and Veganism compatible? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, so I recently created the “Thou Shalt Not Kill” tee to try and provoke thought on the topic. I’d like to kick off by saying ethically (and it’s products) are neither pro nor anti-religious. In fact, we support any path to an enlightened, just, and ethical life. Is Christianity one possible path? I think so. There’s clearly lots of Christians who believe animals are simply products made by God for human use (see the James Aspey “Vegan Vs.

The Australian Government is making good on its pledge to end the testing of cosmetics on animals! Not only will this out-dated practice be made illegal in 2018, the use of any data from such tests will also be outlawed even if that data is from overseas testing – this means that the Australian Government is making an impact on international cosmetic brands by making them aware that their unethical products will not be welcome here. In the meantime, you should really keep checking products to ensure that they’re certified

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