We’re Ethically, an ethical vegan clothing brandWait, clothes can be vegan?!? Yes, clothes can be vegan. All of our clothing is vegan both in terms of its production and its message. If you’d like know how we’re our products are produced ethically then check-out our information page.

Anyhoo, we were found in 2017 on the Gold Coast, Australia in order to fill the gap in the affordable AND ethical vegan clothing market. Not only did we want to have you looking great and spreading the vegan vibes, but we also wanted to actively contribute to animal activism. We seel to work with activist groups and individuals to raise awareness, rehome animals, and change government policy, among other things.

We dedicate 100% of our profits to activism, either conducted by ourselves or donated to groups and individuals elsewhere. We also hope to fill our catalogue with designs by organisations where 100% of the profits from their sales go directly to that charity.

We don’t just care about animals, we also care about the environment and people. Our production is based in the US and caters to the whole world!

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